4 Activities You Didn’t Know You Needed

4 Activities You Didn’t Know You Needed

One of my favorite activities is introducing people to powerful and wonderful tools. Here are my top four tools that I think everyone should try.


The labyrinth is a one way maze. You walk in to the middle, rest, then walk out. It’s so simple, and yet there are labyrinths on all continents and in all cultures. This was once part of the Christian tradition, and is now being rediscovered. If you live in the RTP area, I recommend you check out the Millbrook Baptist Church labyrinth.

People walking labyrinth


Faith Communitycommunity1

I’ve heard so many people say that they are spiritual, or Christian, but don’t need to be in church. We’ve fallen for the falsehood that we can live spiritual lives outside of a community, and that’s just not true. Now, I’m not saying you have to run join a traditional faith community. But I do believe that all of us need to belong to a community that shares our basic worldview. Maybe that means a church, or a mosque, or a temple. Or perhaps you’ll participate in a tightly knit meditation circle, or even a volunteer group dedicated to a certain cause. Whatever it is, find your people and hold on tight!


Meditation PracticeMeditation-hands-260x172

Meditation comes in many forms. Maybe you are already practicing without realizing it. Using silence and awareness are the key traits of meditation. If you never take time to be quiet and still, whether in formal meditation, contemplative prayer, yoga meditation, or any other mindfulness technique, you are missing out on the incredible value of this practice.

Life Coach

Yes, you need a life coach. We all struggle with day to day life, and that’s why we need families, grandparents, and mentors. A life coach is just one kind of mentor. When I was struggling with post partum depression, I saw a therapist weekly, and then every other week. But even though I’ve recovered from my depression, I still see my therapist a few times a year. I consider it just as important as my 6 month dental cleanings. We all need someone we can trust, someone who can listen, and someone who can gently point out our blind spots. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to find that relationship within our community or family, but sometimes we need a more formal arrangement. Do you have a mentor? Or are you looking for someone? Schedule a meeting with me today!

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