5 FREE Bathroom Treats

5 FREE Bathroom Treats

You know by now (I hope) that I am ALL about treats: little sense indulgences that bring a smile to your face. So I’d like to give you some suggestions for ways to treat yourself for FREE, all in your very own bathroom.

Apply your favorite hand lotion.

Sit wherever you can and breathe in the fragrance as you rub the lotion into your hands. Enjoy the sensation of the lotion soaking into your skin.

Take a long hot bath.

For bonus points, use epson salts or bubble bath, or even plain old baking soda. Dim the lights so you don’t notice that you need to clean anything!

Look at yourself in the mirror, but without a critical eye.

Look for your favorite feature and concentrate on how beautiful it is. If you have trouble finding something attractive to see, ask your husband, best friend, or young child before doing this.

Spend a good 5 minutes cleaning your teeth.

Brush thoroughly but gently, concentrating on each tooth. Be sure to floss! When you are finished, take a minute to run your tongue over your smooth clean teeth and enjoy the sensation of a minty fresh clean mouth. Drink cold water to complete the sensation.

Meditate for 5 minutes.

The white noise of the fan and the lock on the door should provide a fairly distraction free environment. Now, I’ve been dinged for my suggestion of hiding in the bathroom with a fan, but I’d just like to challenge you to give it a try before you knock it!

What do you think? Can you add any bathroom treats?

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