About Elaine F. Bayless

About Elaine F. Bayless

“Elaine has the unique ability to challenge me to fix areas of my life that need improvement without making me feel bad about myself.”

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“A competent, caring and trusted adviser.”

I have always had a listening ear. When I first volunteered for a sexual assault hotline, I noticed that people in my life began to spontaneously confide their own sexual traumas or difficulties with me. As I went to school that trend continued. I consider myself uniquely privileged to be so trusted, and I am fierce about protecting people’s secrets.

In addition to my training and experience with the sexual assault hotline, I have personally dealt with anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, post partum depression, and chronic health issues. I feel like every 7 – 10 years my life disintegrates, which gives me the opportunity to spring forth wiser and healthier. I am, above all else, a compassionate coach.

I graduated from Regent University in 2009, with Master’s degrees in Divinity and Pastoral Counseling, as well as a peer coach certification. From 2010 through 2011 I worked at Evergreen Community Church as the Director of Growth and Development. In that role I handled administrative matters, organized retreats and personal pilgrimages, and served as a pastoral counselor and a life coach. I took off the last half of 2011 and first half of 2012 for maternity leave.

“Through her coaching, I was able to prioritize my life and spend time doing things to move me in the right direction for success.”


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