Advice for Looking Good

Advice for Looking Good

The amount of advice in O Magazine’s 101 Pieces of Advice regarding appearance was astounding. There were tips on makeup, workouts, how to wear Spanx, etc. Today I’ve pared it down to two pieces that I felt were the easiest to deal with.

Keep It Simple, Stupid, or KISS, could summarize the advice of Heidi Klum and Adam Glassman in this area. Both of them recommend having a simplified wardrobe: a few items that work together and look great on your body. Don’t ignore makeup, but don’t spend an hour on it either.

Clothes are probably one of the most frustrating points of contention for women, right? When you can find a “uniform” that flatters you and works for your daily life, you’ve got it made. I am dealing with some major ups and downs in my own body due to pregnancy followed by weight gain followed by weight loss. That has meant some pretty depressing sessions in the dressing room. But I have persevered. When your body changes, don’t cling to your old “uniform.” Find a new one. You can look good, you just have to find the styles and cuts that look good on your different body. Always remember: if the look is awful, blame the clothes, NOT your body.

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