Advice on Failure

Advice on Failure

O magazine reader Kathy Jakolat suggests that there is no failure, only feedback. In the wake of the tragic shooting last week, there’s lots of discussion of failure, as well as discussion of potential feedback. How can we prevent this tragedy from occurring again? What feedback in this example is useful? Is it a gun control issue, a mental health issue, a school security issue?

I’m not going to make blanket statements about what should be done. I’m not in a position to implement any changes, nor am I well informed enough to make policy recommendations. What I can do is look inward. What kind of feedback does this tragedy send to me? What am I focusing on?

There’s enough pointing of fingers and assigning of blame. Join me in making a choice to be proactive, not reactive. As long as we believe the problem is outside ourselves, we cannot make a change. So look inside your own heart and see where you stand. Start the transformation within yourself and then it will spread to your community and beyond.


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