Advice on Money

Suze Orman has ideas for you to find an extra $100 per month, which can be very handy in the season of Black Friday and rampant commercialism. But first you’ll need to analyze your monthly budget: track your spending on every item and determine if it is a want or a need. Socks are a need. Brand name socks made out of silk and llama hair are a want. By reducing the amount of money you spend on wants, and cutting back on your needs (once football season is over, perhaps you can reduce your cable plan?), you should be able to find an extra $100 fairly quickly.

Once you’ve found it? Try using digital tools to manage it. Jean Chatzky suggests that balancing your check book is a key to managing your money. She recommends websites like Mint or Manilla which allow you to consolidate your financial information and set goals. I personally use Mint and find it to be a great tool for putting together a whole financial picture.