Advice on Tears

Advice on Tears

Cristin Marandino suggests that you not cry over anything that can’t cry over you. This includes inanimate objects, store return policies, automated phone systems, broken objects, spilled milk, and clothes that are too small.

Yesterday was Black Friday: a day that our culture has made into a selfish shopping spree under the guise of buying Christmas gifts. Inevitably there will be stories on the news about people getting injured, people exhibiting outrageous behavior, and stories about how the sales on this day predict our economic situation for the next 12 months. All this, about objects which cannot cry over you.

There is push back now. People are refusing to shop, or choosing to shop local small stores. And that is a good thing. Because at the end of the day, it’s about the people you are in community with, not the TV you commune with.


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