Advice on Telling a Secret

There are times to keep a secret, and there are times to tell a secret. Randy Phillips, an airman, shares this video when he tells his secret to this dad:

While not all secrets are as monumental as sexuality, secrecy can harm relationships. Withholding information is a barrier to intimacy. So, if you need to reveal a secret, how should you do it? First, find someone else who shares your secret. Talking to them about how they’ve handled their situation is tremendously helpful. Second, make sure the first person you tell will accept your secret. This may not be easy: sometimes there’s only one person to tell, or there’s just no way s/he will accept the secret. But if possible, find a sympathetic listener for your first reveal. Finally, be short and sweet. Don’t build up the suspense into a huge drama: just say what you need to say in the fewest words.