Advice on Time Management

Advice on Time Management

Fourteen days until Christmas! Most of us right now are in a crazy holiday rush! So how can we find ways to use our time more efficiently?

O readers Sara Keagle and Ariella Sprague offer tips on time management. Keagle recommends using apps, especially while traveling. This allows you to find healthy food options in airports, alternate restaurants when your first choice has a 3 hour wait, or check out menus before choosing where to take the kids. Now, don’t try to start using an app or electronic tool right now: wait until life has slowed down and then learn it. In January I’ll be reviewing different apps that can improve your life.

Sprague recommends cutting out all multi tasking. She starts her day by doing the things that require the most concentration (putting together kid toys?), and ends her days with the mindless chores (washing dishes, laundry, catching up on Iron Chef reruns). Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you are probably at your most productive after you first get up for the day, so take care of the intricate and challenging tasks first.

There are many ways to use time efficiently and lots of advice. Find a system or tool that works for you and go for it. And happy preparations!


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