Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

Yesterday, I got a message from the universe.

You’ve heard people talk about “the writing on the wall” or hearing from their bodies, etc. Sometimes it sounds like a lot of New Age nonsense, and sometimes it just sounds like common sense. But just because you discount the idea doesn’t mean it’s not real.

We are receiving messages all the time, from all our senses.

Gavin deBecker talks about this in his classic book, The Gift of Fear. Our intuition processes the data that our senses are gathering constantly, and feeds that information back to us with unconscious impulses and vague ideas. But it’s not just our brains that are talking to us.

I was driving in my car, over a bridge, when the car died. My engine cut out completely and I began to coast. In rainy, low visibility weather. Fortunately, there was a large turn lane available, and I coasted into it, put on my hazards, and came to a stop. I turned off my car, gave it a few seconds, and then restarted it. She started up just fine and I was able to merge back into traffic with no problems.

What was my car telling me?

Now, of course my car wasn’t talking to me. My car engine was just doing what it does – following the laws of physics. It would’ve stopped regardless of who was driving. On the other hand, there was definitely a message there. The question is, was I listening?

Later on the same day, as I was driving down an Interstate, my engine stalled. I gave it gas, instinctively, and avoiding stalling out – a real blessing! The instant the stall resolved, my check engine light came on. Another message. This time I was listening.

This isn’t mystical, or New Age, or being superstitious.

It’s just listening. Paying attention to what is going on around us. When our car check engine light comes on, it’s communication. When our back hurts, it’s communication. When we gain or lose weight, it’s communication.

Are You Listening?

What is your life telling you? And what are you saying in response? Yes? No? Not now? Do you treat messages from your body (pain, sleepiness, insomnia) with the same urgency that you treat problems with your car or your house?

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