A few years ago, when I was on my healing journey from post-partum depression, I went on a weekend away. My daughter was only 7 months old, and I was breastfeeding. I was also on food restrictions due to her allergies, so it wasn’t easy. But I took my breast pump with me, told the retreat center about my food issues, and got away.

That was a turning point for me as a mom.

That simple act of getting away transformed where I was mentally, and gave me the strength I needed to fully recover from the depression. Ever since then, I’ve made a habit of getting away at least 3 times a year.

Being alive in the 21st century is a hectic undertaking. Our days and nights are packed and we’re living chaotic lives. Many days are a blur as we’re in constant “rush mode.” Hurry up and go!

But this pace is catching up to us and causing havoc on our mind, bodies, and soul. We’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, and drained. We’re comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we’re not measuring up. And there are times when we feel completely hopeless and at the end of our rope. Can you relate at all?

Life without breaks becomes life without joy.

I encourage you to put a stake in the ground and make a decision to go against the norm. I encourage you to embrace the concept of creating space for yourself to recharge your batteries, refill your bucket, and experience tranquility.

I know what you’re thinking!

You’re thinking that you don’t have time to carve out for yourself. You’re thinking that your family won’t be able to do without you for one day. You’re thinking that it might even be selfish. Am I right?

But you have a choice.

You can choose to keep going down the same road of being “tossed and turned” by the waves of life. Thinking that you should be able to figure this out on your own. That this is just how life is.

I personally invite you to the Unknowing Art Escape. This will be an oasis for any artist who needs a renewal in his or her spirit.

You’ll be able to breathe freely and deeply. No worries, no cleaning, no cooking. Just the gift of time to relax and reconnect with nature, art, and yourself.

okeefeCome to the Unknowing Art Escape

In this special one day retreat, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. After some warm up exercises, you’ll learn how to unleash your inner artist – that very special creature who nourishes the beauty you create. You’ll learn how to shut off the inner critic – that super annoying creature who squashes every idea heartlessly. As an added bonus, you’ll have the chance for a full body Reiki level 2 treatment.

Join us on August 15th, at a local Raleigh retreat home, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.