Create Holiday Calm

Last year I offered a great 4 week webinar designed to help you create holiday calm. This year I’m upping the game: we’re going on a 1 day retreat to create serene and joy filled holidays!

The calm before the storm

Are you dreading the holidays already? Does the sight of Halloween candy in September or Christmas decorations in October make your heart pound with anxiety? Holidays can be a lot of fun, but they’re also a lot of work.

I feel your pain, sister. Back when I was single and childless, holidays were just a matter of booking crowgood flights. But now that I’m married with a toddler, the balancing act makes yoga poses look easy! And don’t even get me started on food, gifts, travel and money!

Let’s make a change!

THIS year it will be different. This year we won’t let Thanksgiving, or Chanukah, or Christmas, or New Year’s Eve be hijacked by insane expectations, panicked preparations, or your crazy making relative (you know the one). Why? Because THIS year is the InSpire Autumn Oasis!

We’re going to get clear on what the holidays mean to us. And then we’re going to manage our expectations, create coping strategies, and plan, plan, plan.

Autumn Oasis

At our one day retreat, we’ll have an oasis. In this quiet wonderful space at Avila Retreat Center, we’ll sit down and talk about the holidays. We’ll vent, we’ll sympathize, and then we’ll get to work. By the end of the day, we’ll have an action plan in place to create holiday calm. 

  • We will identify our highest priority for each approaching holiday
  • We will create a budget for each holiday
  • We will discuss expectations, both ours and our families’
  • We will create a plan for healthy eating

Join the fun!

You will not want to miss this special one day workshop. We’ll meet from 10 to 4 on Saturday, October 25th, at Avila Retreat Center. Lunch is included in the bargain price of $77! Sign up today!