Boundary Myth 6

Boundary Myth 6

This myth has to do with accepting the boundaries that other people set. We don’t like to do that. So we mutter and seethe and talk about unfairness rather than face our own problems. While Myths 3 and 4 point to the problems of the other person, this myth points directly back at us. Just as my own boundary setting is not hurtful to others, accepting boundaries set by others is not hurtful to me.

ME_175_FingerPoint22But there’s good news here. Because boundaries are all about responsibility and ownership: what is and isn’t yours to deal with, fix, or ignore. If accepting someone’s boundaries puts more work on you, then it also gives you power over that work. When your parent stops giving you money, then not only do you face the responsibility of earning money, but you get the freedom of spending it however you please. Taking responsibility can be the most empowering experience of your life.

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