Boundary Myth 7

Boundary Myth 7

Do boundaries cause guilt? Many of us believe so, but this is just another myth. As we set boundaries, we change our relationships. No one likes change, least of all those close to us! And so the people around us will resist change, and will test, push back, and ignore your boundaries. One form of push back is the guilt trip.

Stay strong. Cloud and Townsend recommend that you make sure you have a close supportive community around you whenever you attempt to adjust your boundaries. This community is invaluable in assisting you identify resistance and work through guilt trips.

If you are setting a healthy boundary, then you are probably relinquishing a responsibility that was never yours in the first place. But the reasons that led you into that false ownership are still there, and so it’s easy to feel guilty. Look for the truth of the situation; ask your community to help you identify what is and isn’t yours. And then gently, repeatedly, hold firm to your boundary despite what anyone says!

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