Build Your Community

Build Your Community

friendshipsWe are made for relationships and communities. It’s just a fact of life. Community comes in many forms: families, friends, support groups, volunteer organizations, churches, temples, clubs, etc. And just as communities come in all forms, they also come in all levels of intimacy. I love the quote from The Mindy Project, when Mindy witheringly informs her coworker that “Best friend isn’t a person, Danny, it’s a tier.” I believe that each person needs a set of communities for relational health. Your closest and most intimate circle is likely the smallest: one to three people that you trust completely. Next comes a larger group – your social clique or your extended family. You love and trust them, but you don’t necessarily share everything with them. Next is perhaps your church, or your office mates. As our community circles increase in size they decrease in intimacy and trust, which is healthy.

What are the keys to maintaining healthy community?

  • Healthy boundaries
  • Small circle of intimacy

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