Chase Your Dreams

dream-catcher-106994_640Remember when you were little and thought the world was your oyster? Back then you believed you could be anything: an astronaut ballerina, the first woman President, a lion tamer acrobat. Now what do you dream of? If you’re anything like me, there are some days when your biggest dream is to sit alone in a hot bathtub with a glass of champagne! But while we all occasionally get discouraged (and I’m never one to say you shouldn’t take a long hot bath!), life without big dreams can be very blah. It’s time to reconnect with those dreams you once held. Think about them again.

Once you’ve reconnected with your dreams, start pursuing them. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t have to make a dramatic life change to do this. Did you dream of being a ballerina? Look for local dance classes or try a Zumba class. A life lived in pursuit of a dream is a life that’s fun and fulfilling.