Coach, Heal Yourself!

Coach, Heal Yourself!

Have you ever felt like there was just no point to your actions any more? Have you ever felt the weight of failure press you down so hard that you couldn’t physically move?
I hope not. But that was my exact experience just a couple of weeks ago.
All my life, I’ve wanted to help others. In fact, I actually wrote “helping others” as a hobby in my college freshman “meet” book. (How embarrassing! Everyone else wrote normal hobbies, naturally).
Now that I own my own business, I have the flexibility and the training to do exactly what I want: to help others. And yet, I went to bed early one Tuesday evening thoroughly convinced that my dreams were over.

So what does a life coach do when she needs coaching?

First, I looked at what was so. What was factual and what was my story? The facts were a dwindling client list and zero income for the month. The story was that my business was failing.
Well, who needs a story like that? I decided to let go of that story. Instead, I focused on a different story: My business wasn’t failing, it just needed me to increase my income!
Then I got creative. I brainstormed ways to earn more money, including options like getting a job. As I brainstormed, I had the moment of clarity that I blogged about last week.

I am here to help YOU.

Because I have yet to meet a single person who does not astound me through and through. You are valuable. You are beloved. You are accomplished and talented. And you are playing your life SO SMALL! You are resigned to the way things are, but you don’t have to be.
The beautiful thing, the realization that kept me going in my moment of sorrow, is that I CAN help you. I have the training I need. I have the necessary experience. My clients have had conversations they never dreamed were possible. They have made enormous decisions and transitions in their lives, with my coaching and guidance.

Then what?

After my moment of clarity re-ignited my passion for what I do, I went on my September Retreat. And man, it was awesome! As I had the privilege of coaching the attendees, I received the coaching I needed. I said goodbye to my Inner Critic. I listened to the voice of my Inner Mentor. I used mental yoga to play with all the stories I was telling myself. I came home ready for the last quarter of 2015.

It’s Time to CELEBRATE

As the days get shorter and darker, let’s embrace our ancient calendar rhythms of feasting and light. And stay tuned for some great offerings to help you truly enjoy this season.

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