Crazy Adventures on Vacation

Crazy Adventures on Vacation

A few years ago, I had one of the most wonderfully disastrous vacation days ever. It all started as a family trip to Destin, FL in June. Tropical Storm Arlene showed up uninvited. My husband and I were set to fly home at 3:00 pm, which was, coincidentally, the predicted landfall time of Arlene. My brother, his family, and my parents were all driving home. So my husband and I made the call to ride with my parents up to Atlanta, where we would just board onto our connecting flight back to DC.

Well, my parents’ car didn’t have a lot of room for two extra people and luggage, so my husband and I ended up in the backseat with suitcases on our laps. Then, as we drove down the road, we saw a car on the side of the road that looked exactly like my brother’s car. Naturally we pulled over to help, only to find that it wasn’t my brother. In fact, the family ignored us and got back on the road with no problem. We weren’t so lucky. There we sat in a ditch, spinning our tires in the rain and mud. Eventually a tow truck showed up and got us back on the road.

We arrived in Atlanta with just enough time for my husband and I to check our luggage and sprint to our gate. We made our flight and settled in happily, convinced that our drama was over.

As we stood in the luggage claim area of National Airport, I began to feel odd. I heard a rushing noise in my ears, and the next thing I knew I was on my back being loaded into an ambulance. I had passed out and landed right on the marble floors, giving me a great concussion. After a CT scan and other tests at the hospital, my husband and I got a cab ride home and I was told to stay home for a week until they could test me for epilepsy. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend 5 more days of vacation!

But somehow, as snake-bit as that day was, we still laugh about it when we all get together. No one was harmed, we didn’t lose our luggage, and I didn’t have epilepsy. Isn’t it funny how some of our best memories come out of the disruption of our plans? What are some of your favorite “bad” memories?

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