Create Holiday Calm

Create Holiday Calm


Halloween is approaching at a gallop and Christmas decorations are already for sale. In-laws are wondering if they’ll get a holiday visit, birthdays are being squeezed in, and to top it all off, the days are literally getting shorter!

Does the impending holiday season stress you out?

When I consider the fourth quarter holidays, the biggest stressor for me is other people’s expectations. Which family (mine or my husband’s) will be disappointed by my travel plans? What gift will be both affordable and delightful for my daughter? Do I have time to clean the whole house before guests arrive? How much stuff do I need to pack for my child this year? Who’s going to give me an unexpected gift? Do people still give gifts to postal workers? Will I have to nag my husband before he puts the tree up?

Create Holiday Calm instead of Holiday Burnout!

Join me TOMORROW for my Create Holiday Calm workshop! In this 30 minute Webinar I’ll discuss 3 practical steps you can take to make the holiday season joyous and calm.


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