Create Some Space

Create Some Space

Lent begins tomorrow. The season of Lent is a traditional church season, and one of the few liturgical elements that is practiced by non liturgical churches. It is a 7 week period preceding Easter, and the purpose is to practice self-denial and repentance as spiritual preparation for the Easter holiday.

I invite you to try something new this Lenten season.

Most moms I know are already practicing self-denial. We give up sleep, free time, money, resources, all in service to our children and their activities. We give up comfort food in order to avoid gaining weight. We give up our fun cars for minivans, our high heels for Crocs, our showers for cuddles. It’s a fair trade off. Yet, the idea of giving up something else seems a bit excessive.

Instead of sacrifice, create space.

The one thing we all need is more time. And so I invite you to think creatively about how you can create some time and space in your life.

Time to do what?

Time to be. Time to breathe. Time to sleep. Time to watch the sunset. Time to drink a cup of tea.

Now, I’m not denying the value of traditional spiritual practices during Lent. And I am giving a couple of things up myself. But I have been adding time and space to my life for years now. Here are some suggestions. I’d love to hear more ideas in the comments!

  • Delegate one household chore. And when you delegate it, really give it up. Don’t do it. Let it be done the “wrong” way.
  • Delete all the apps from your cell phone. Eliminating all the little fun things on the device will force you to use it less. It also creates more space for things like photos and videos.
  • Limit your TV time. Decide how many TV shows you want to sit and watch, and either keep it off or stay out of that room once you’ve watched your shows.
  • Get up 5 minutes earlier. This one may hurt a little, but try it out and notice what shifts when you give yourself just 5 extra minutes in the morning.
  • Make a date with a friend.
  • Schedule a nap on the weekend. Turn your phone off during the nap!
  • Go on a walk with your family.
  • Schedule 30 minutes of free time each day. Refuse to plan anything – when the time arrives do WHATEVER you want.

Let’s find some space this Lenten season.





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