My garden is waking up! I have three crocus blooms, and my daffodils have sent up leaves and buds. I think they will bloom in the next week.

I love daffodils. Each spring they come forth, tall beautiful sentinels of warmer weather. They aren’t harmed by cold temperatures: in fact a daffodil needs a very cold period in order to know when to bloom. They are a great reminder that hard work pays off.

In the fall several years ago, I planted my daffodil bulbs. I had to dig holes 6 inches below the surface, which was incredibly difficult because my flower bed is the former home of some very large holly bushes. This means that you can’t turn over a single spadeful of dirt without hitting a root. I ended up cheating a little by digging only 4-5 inches deep, and then buying a lot of mulch to put on top. I did all this in late October, as the days were getting shorter and pumpkin everything was hitting the stores. And for years now, I’ve been rewarded for my hard work with a row of daffodils each spring.DSCN3182

We live in a society of instant gratification and it can be tempting to overlook long term planning and investing. But daffodils serve as a reminder that our actions do have long term effects, whether we intend them to or not.


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