Do What Works

Do What Works

On Sunday I did a lot of cooking. I use an excellent website, Once a Month Cooking, which guides me step by step through the process of cooking meals for an entire month. While I was in the middle of the process, I was chopping some onions, and sadly, I chopped right into my ring finger! It was very painful, but I got it bandaged and moved forward.

Now, the real problem is that about 3 years ago, I cut off the corner of my index finger (same hand), while chopping basil. I sliced that sucker right off, and boy did it hurt! The flesh grew back, and eventually the nerves did too, although that finger still has a little numb spot. But obviously, I am no knife expert.

After my first injury, I saw a knife resistant glove and thought that perhaps I should buy it. After all, clearly I needed the protection. But I never did. I mean, anyone can make a mistake, right? And my pride protested just a little bit over wearing protective gear whenever I wanted to cook dinner. And then, on Sunday, I paid the price for my pride and laziness. Buying and wearing that glove would’ve saved me a lot of pain. I ignored the lesson and so life taught me again.

What is your life telling you? Is it something obvious, like the fact that you are moving too fast and may cut your fingers? Or is it more subtle, like the fact that every time you make plans with someone, you get ill? If there’s a simple solution, do it! Don’t let your pride seduce you into a false sense of security. Maybe you don’t know what the solution is – you’re hearing a lesson but are not sure what resolution is. Give me a call! Life coaching is about discerning our life lessons and doing what works.

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