Emotional Advice on Embarrassment

Emotional Advice on Embarrassment

Debra Byrd gives advice on how to avoid embarrassment at karaoke. Her advice is very good (I’m a trained singer, so I’m familiar with her tips), but I take issue with it, because what is karaoke for if not the chance to embarrass yourself with gusto? And Byrd gets to that point with her last tip: “Sing with joy, from your heart, and no one will care how you sound.”

We see this played out hilariously in the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding. Julia Roberts tries to humiliate her rival, Cameron Diaz, by forcing her to sing karaoke. And she is truly terrible. Yet in the end, she embraces the experience and her fiance is completely impressed. You can see the scene on this website, list item 3.

There is nothing quite as liberating as getting up in front of a crowd and wailing away to your favorite song as if you were alone in your shower. So go for the gusto!

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