Emotional Advice on Keeping Your Smile

Emotional Advice on Keeping Your Smile

Fake it til you Make it. Richard Wiseman, psychology professor at University of Hertfordshire, has written a book about this idea. I’ve got to read this one!

The basic idea is that if you act in a certain way, your emotions will follow. This book has a little more to do with willpower: assuming an obstinate stance will actually help you resist that leftover Halloween candy. But it applies to last week’s advice to smile more as well. The more you consciously smile, or laugh, the happier you will feel. If you have kids, you probably don’t need to do much to find something funny – they do weird stuff all the time! Or maybe you get that smile by watching them sleep on your video monitor (OK, that’s how I get my smiles).

Be aware of your body language and how it is affecting your mood and actions. Standing up straight can help you assert yourself; crossing your arms can give you the strength to say no to the whining child; and smiling can lighten your mood.

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