Even Though…

Even Though…

I had the privilege of discovering Gillian Byers, a certified personal trainer, via a Facebook group recently. When I read this post by her, I thought it was fantastic and invited her to share it as a guest blogger here.

Gillian is on a mission to take shame and pain out of exercising.

Gillian ByersHer favorite feedback from clients is “that felt really good!” Teaching people how to safely build strength and endurance through movement they enjoy is what lights her up. Guiding clients to listen to their own body is essential to her programming.

She has helped people become mindfully active in small group settings, a small fitness center, in people’s homes and now via video chat over the internet! She is about to release an on-line program for beginners.

Even Though…

Have you used these 2 words before? They help me acknowledge frustration/hard circumstances while also helping me do what I can to make the situation better. The following format helps me release my perfectionist death grip and find some space to see what I can do.

I Can…

Even though I am sad and frustrated that my hip hurts and I can’t do the dance I love, I can turn on my favorite song and dance while seated.

Even though I am feeling down about the cold and rain and long to be active outside, I can put on a fantastic nature video and walk in place pretending I’m vacationing there.

Even though I got called into work at the last minute and am feeling panicked, I can take a deep breath, do a jumping jack or wall push-up and then move around to music while in my car.

Even though I got sick, right in the middle of a good training run, I can honor my exercise time with very gentle stretching and relaxed breathing.

Even though my favorite exercise class was canceled, I can turn on a favorite TV show or movie and walk in place while watching or run around the house during the commercials.

Give the general outline a try this week and see if it works well for you! The key will be personalizing it. Be honest about your frustration, take a relaxing breathe and really ask yourself what you would really like to do next that IS possible and will help you feel good.


You can learn more about Gillian at www.mindfullyactive.com and sign up for a free, feel good, full body warm-up video!


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