Favorite World, Spiritual Challenge

The first facet of Myers Briggs is your favorite world, and defines whether you are an extrovert or introvert. Extroverts generally prefer the physical world; they are often known as people persons. Introverts prefer the world of the mind; they often seem shy. So how can you challenge yourself to move past your preference?

In the spiritual realm, it can seem like introverts have a natural advantage. But inasmuch as faith requires community, both extroverts and introverts have advantages. So here is my challenge of the day!

For extroverts: Find a way to experience your faith in your inner world. Try Centering Prayer, or if you live in Raleigh, walk the Millbrook Church labyrinth.

For introverts: Find a way to bring your faith into the external world, by joining a Bible study group, or by simply to talking to someone about faith and spirituality.