Favorite World, Spiritual Challenge

Favorite World, Spiritual Challenge

The first facet of Myers Briggs is your favorite world, and defines whether you are an extrovert or introvert. Extroverts generally prefer the physical world; they are often known as people persons. Introverts prefer the world of the mind; they often seem shy. So how can you challenge yourself to move past your preference?

In the spiritual realm, it can seem like introverts have a natural advantage. But inasmuch as faith requires community, both extroverts and introverts have advantages. So here is my challenge of the day!

For extroverts: Find a way to experience your faith in your inner world. Try Centering Prayer, or if you live in Raleigh, walk the Millbrook Church labyrinth.

For introverts: Find a way to bring your faith into the external world, by joining a Bible study group, or by simply to talking to someone about faith and spirituality.

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