Sleep: It Does a Body Good.

Sleep: It Does a Body Good.

First, I just want to be clear: sleeping and resting during illness is NOT my typical MO. I’m the girl who goes to work, even when the only thing I can eat or drink is Diet Coke, ignoring my fever of 100 and saying “I just have a sore throat.” (Had no idea I even had a fever). I’m the one who ignores abdominal pain for 2 days, even though I can’t stand up straight, and have to be talked into going to the ER, which, of course, resulted in an emergency appendectomy. I go to my doctor only when I’m coughing so badly that I can’t breathe, only to be told that my blood oxygen is so low I may have to go to the ER because guess what, I have asthma!

I get it. Sleep is NOT what we want to do when we are busy.

So when I woke up this past Saturday with a terrible sore throat and exhaustion, I ignored it. I took my daughter to dance class and walked to the grocery store while she danced. I barely made it back to my car, and then decided that I would try this crazy “rest” idea.

So Saturday morning I dozed while my daughter watched an hour of Curious George. I roused myself enough to bake cookies with her and eat lunch, and then I went back down for a 3 or 4 hour nap. I ate dinner with husband and child, helped with the bedtime routine, and was back in bed by 8:30.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I felt much better.

Who knew that sleep could heal?

Cats know that sleep heals.

Y’all, you need to sleep. More. I’m talking a solid 8 hours a night and at least one luxurious nap a week. If you’re sleep deprived then you should aim for 9 – 10 hours a night for a month or so, or at least until you can watch a movie at home without falling asleep.

Yes, trust me, I know. I had a lot of stuff to do this weekend. I didn’t get to the grocery store (although my husband did go). I got behind on laundry and I’m catching up today. The dishes in the kitchen are atrocious. But I FEEL good. So let’s look at the options. I could’ve pushed myself all day Saturday, gotten laundry done, made a grocery list, and dragged through the day. I could’ve felt yucky all day Sunday too, while I dragged on and on. And I would’ve felt tired today, and who knows how much longer? Instead I chose to heal my body through the simplest, most organic and side-effect free method possible.

You’re too busy NOT to sleep.

It’s time to take back the night – for sleep!
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