Good Fences for Good Neighbors

Good Fences for Good Neighbors

A key to healthy relationships is healthy boundaries. But what is a boundary? You can find that answer in the book, Boundaries, by Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend. The book is written from a psychological and a Christian perspective, and they have written several specific versions: for children, for marriages, for teens, etc. i personally read the book for children and found it to be very helpful as a new mom.

But what are boundaries? Boundaries are protection of different levels of intimacy. Setting a boundary is creating an area of your life where only certain people are allowed to say and do certain things. Personal space is an example of unconscious boundary setting. When a stranger moves into your “personal space,” you are uncomfortable, although if your best friend stood in the same space you would likely feel no discomfort. Boundaries are a conscious extension of that concept into your psyche. IE, your best friend can point out the hair on your lip, but your mother-in-law definitely can’t.

Need some help setting boundaries? Give me a call!

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    1. Thanks! I set boundaries the expensive way (a therapist), but then read the book as a brand new mom and it has been so helpful!

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