Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

I’ve been talking a lot about the holidays recently, and I’ll continue to do so through the end of December. Today I’d like to talk about the holiday blues.

Holidays can cause grief or depression almost as easily as they can cause joy.

Holiday blues

Maybe it’s your first holiday without a loved one. Or your first holiday without family present. Maybe you’re isolated from your family, and the commercials and days off just remind you mercilessly that you are alone and separate.

Many people will tell you what you “should” do in order to feel better.

Volunteer! Invite others over to your house for a meal! Go to a friend’s house! Just get over it and come out with your friends! Don’t be a Grinch! Count your blessings! Keep a gratitude journal!

You know what? “SHOULD” on them!

I’m not going to tell you how you ought to feel, or what you need to do. You don’t have to be grateful on Thanksgiving, and you don’t have to be happy on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Your feelings are valid. Repressing, ignoring, or denying our emotions is a recipe for disaster. Go ahead and FEEL those feelings. Sit home and cry if that’s what you need to do. Buy all the holiday chocolate you can find and eat it all for dinner one night. Turn on Netflix and do a TV marathon.

But can I make just one teeny suggestion? Give me a call. I want to talk with you, not to cheer you up or give you false hope, but to help you process your emotions. I can help you clarify your plan for how to safely and constructively express those emotions. Please, sign up NOW for a chat with me. I promise, you won’t hear the “should” words from me.



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