Identifying Priorities

Identifying Priorities

So my darling daughter started preschool at the beginning of March. After three weeks, I’m settling into the joys of actually working FROM home. Yesterday while I filed I listened to some music and yodeled the lyrics at the top of my lungs. I realized that I couldn’t remember the last time I had been alone in my own home. It was refreshing!

Today I’ve settled in for a day completely at home: all my appointments are via the phone and I have no meetings to attend. At first it was a challenge. After a couple of calls, I wanted nothing more than to kick back on the sofa and watch a couple of episodes of Parks and Rec. But this is my work time, not my relaxation time. So instead I treated myself to a cookie and a few minutes in the sunshine on my back porch.

While in my kitchen, I noticed the general mess and thought that perhaps someone should clean that up. Not me, of course, because I am WORKING right now. Then, on my way back into the office, I casually folded some clean sheets, put wet clothes in the dryer, and started a fresh load in the washer.

Hypocritical? Nope! Just living DSCN1093out my priorities. I’ve been all over the Triangle the last couple of months talking about priorities, and how when we tie our priorities to our passions, we live life according to what is important rather than what is urgent. And my actions this morning are an example of what I’m talking about. Cleaning the kitchen is not one of my passions. Neither am I particularly good at it. But laundry is something I enjoy doing. That’s why cleaning the kitchen during a break from work is not something I am going to do, even though it does need to get done. But spending a few minutes on laundry doesn’t stress me out or interrupt my mental flow, because I enjoy it and I’m good at it.

How is your day demonstrating your priorities?

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