Intellectual Advice about Cats

OK, let’s be honest, the above title seems a bit oxymoronic. Cats are not intellectual creatures. But O Magazine has a good bit of advice on getting a second cat, advice which I did not follow when I got my third cat. Gail Buchwald advises choosing cats which are similar in “size, age, and energy level.”

In 2007 I had two 10 year old cats, Shadow and Pipsqueak, who got along very well. They were old, set in their ways, and happily moving into a life of constant napping. So my husband and I adopted a sassy kitten who thought she should be the only cat in the house. Yeah, we should’ve followed Gail’s advice. Duchess was so angry about being the third cat of the house that she ritually urinated all over the litterbox room. Shadow and Pipsqueak wouldn’t stay in the same room with her for months. But ultimately they worked it out. Still, if I had it to do over? I’d get cats in a pair and not mix ages!