Intellectual Advice on Spotting an Opportunity

Intellectual Advice on Spotting an Opportunity

How do you spot a good opportunity? You have to use your brain: research the pros and cons, consider the upfront costs, make some back up plans. But then there’s an essential element: go with your gut.

How did Mad Men and Breaking Bad get the green-light? Because Christina Wayne knew in her gut that they would be successful shows.

It may seem odd to talk about gut feelings as an intellectual part of life. We tend to separate feelings and thoughts and treat them as opposites. But psychologically, that’s just not true. Emotions are linked to your brain: they are closely tied to your thoughts. Gavin de Becker, who wrote the bestselling book The Gift of Fear, talks about how intuition is your brain processing facts unconsciously. In other words, your gut feelings are the way your unconscious thoughts get communicated. Paying attention to your emotions is an important element of any intellectual decision. So be sure to pay attention to those feelings in addition to doing all your research when looking for opportunities.

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