Intellectual Advice

Intellectual Advice

Belinda Whitmore suggests that you follow your own advice. This is so true. I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have given advice to someone, only to realize a day or two later that I need to take my own advice!

What is it that causes us to avoid our own wisdom and ignore our advice? We have no trouble telling someone else to get more sleep, or get a babysitter and go out, or stop worrying about hypothetical scenarios, but when it comes to ourselves, all that good advice goes out the window. Part of it is our amazing ability to rationalize. While we recognize that Friend A’s fear of dying from a meteor is highly unlikely, our own fear of dying from a rabid dog attack seems very likely: after all, there are dogs in our neighborhood. For me, another reason to ignore my own advice is a lack of grace towards myself. I don’t deserve more sleep, a babysitter, a day off. Or so goes the cruel little voice in my head.

So take some advice from me: Identify why you don’t follow your own advice, then confront that obstacle and tear it down! Want some help with that? Coaching is a great way to identify and remove obstacles to the life you want. Give me a call today!

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