Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith

How would you like to be known as Mr. Irrelevant? That’s what happened to Chandler Harnish during the 2012 draft. So how did he keep the faith? He kept his community close around him. If you look him up today (as I did), you will see that he is now on a practice squad for the Indianapolis Colts. This is a step down. I don’t know if he is still keeping the faith, but I hope so.

Sometimes we take a leap of faith and we don’t get the rewards we hoped for. Instead of playing professional football, we are on a practice squad. But even if his dream isn’t working out how he had hoped, I’m willing to bet that he’s glad he pushed for this. Imagine if he had not pushed: some other guy would’ve been in the NFL draft, and Chandler Harnish would be looking for a regular day job.

How can we keep our faith? Especially when we start taking steps and leaps and don’t get the results we hoped for? Community. Find a group of people who support and encourage you, and keep them close.

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