New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions. Sure, I’ve done the whole resolutions thing: lose weight, make friends, make time to write, etc. And some I’ve failed and some I’ve kept. But is a New Year’s Resolution a good thing or a bad thing? The Internet is showing lots of pushback on the whole concept right now.

Don’t make resolutions! Make only resolutions that affect yourself! Choose to get healthy for REAL this year! Make 2014 your best year! Stop making resolutions that are too big!

What advice do I have? Simple. If you make resolutions, make them positive, not negative. As my former pastor Mark Batterson used to say, “Not going to New York is a lousy plan for going to Paris.”

Don’t resolve to NOT do something: resolve TO DO something.

Instead of “I’m going to stop eating processed sugar,” try “I’m going to eat fresh fruit every day.” Instead of “I’ll quit smoking,” try “I’ll increase my lung capacity by 150%.” Instead of “I’m going to stop yelling at my kids,” try “I will treat my kids with love and respect.”

Oh, and I did make one huge resolution for 2014. I’m going to ENJOY life!


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