No More Diets!

No More Diets!

New Year’s is upon us, and I can hear the collective Interwebs groaning about their weight and holiday weight gains. But before you make that tired resolution to lose 10 pounds, consider going against the crowd this year.

Why not make NO resolutions about your weight?

Take a minute right now and think: what resolution would you make if you were currently at your ideal body weight? If you had that dream body that you either want, or had at age 20. Would you resolve to travel more? Get your finances in order? Take up roller blading?

So why not just go ahead with THAT resolution? We are obsessed with our bodies and our weight, but not with our health or overall quality of life. Perhaps 2016 can be the year that we change all that. The year that we focus on losing anxiety, stress, insomnia, and guilt.

Why not make 2016 the year that you embrace your body as it is and move forward with your life? Tweet me!

I can hear your objections already.

But this is a matter of health! The doctor says I need to lose weight.

It’s easy for YOU to say this – you’ve lost your baby weight already.

If I don’t eat healthily, neither will my family: I owe it to them to lose weight.

I’ve done it before, so I just need to do it again. THEN I’ll have time to do those other things.

Ladies, I’m not saying to neglect your health, or eat unhealthy food! What I am saying is that the quality of your life impacts your weight a lot more than you realize. Job stress, lack of sleep, poor quality sleep, inactivity, relationship stress, boredom, depression: all these things can cause weight gain! Odds are, if you address those underlying issues, you’ll lose weight naturally! And yes, I did lose 20 pounds this summer, and I’ve avoided gaining it back over the holidays. But while I did follow the Take Shape for Life program to lose the weight initially, it was following the entire program, which deals with ALL life habits, that taught me how to maintain my current weight. I am maintaining my weight because I am focused on the quality of my life, not the food that goes in my mouth.

So how about it?

What resolution would you make if you already had the body you want?

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