Permission Based Eating!

Permission Based Eating!

I’m proud to announce that I’ve lost almost 30 pounds since giving birth just under 2 years ago. How did I lose it? By giving myself permission to eat. What? No diet? No restrictions? No cutting out soda or sugar or Oreos? Nope. Instead of obsessing about food, I chose instead to care for myself. I chose mindfulness: eating only when I was hungry, eating slowly, eating food that was so good I had to savor each bite. I chose awareness: when I craved sugar, or ate 10 Oreos at one sitting, I would notice, and ask myself what I was really craving. Usually I was really craving sleep, or exercise, or a good laugh, or a good book to read. And when I really wanted to eat ice cream, I would just have ice cream for lunch, instead of a burger and fries followed up with ice cream.

Diets want us to believe that one plan fits all sizes, but that’s not true. Why does a program like Weight Watchers work? Because it allows you to eat food you want to eat, rather than following someone else’s prescription.

My friend Megan is a health empowerment coach, and she made this exact point recently in her newsletter: diets are not designed for long term success. So if you want to be healthy, spend some time figuring out what works for YOU. You can call a coach or just sit down with a good friend and talk about your eating habits and how you can improve them.

What weight loss techniques have you found that worked?

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