Physical Advice for Computer Time Wasters

Physical Advice for Computer Time Wasters

First, stop reading this blog!

OK, just kidding. Read my blog, THEN implement Piers Steel’s suggestions for using your computer time efficiently.

  • Disable email and other sounds. This works for phones too. I find it very useful to put my phone on silent at times.
  • Create a second log in for work only. Make sure the look and feel of this log in is different from your personal “fooling around” account.
  • Try Freedom, or other apps, that will block you from going online. Or, turn off your wireless receiver.

Remember that no one is actually a true multi tasker. You may be able to switch rapidly from one task to another, but you lose time in each switch. That’s why it’s important to stay focused on a single task for a certain period of time. Disabling distractions by turning off notification sounds and removing Internet access is a great way to enhance your ability to focus.

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