Physical Advice for Eating Well

Physical Advice for Eating Well

Yes, I know, the season for feasting is upon us. There are Peeps, Halloween candy, Christmas candy, Thanksgiving dinners, Thanksgiving pies, egg nog, hot chocolate, apple cider, and cocktails galore. This may be the most difficult three months for those who want to eat healthily. Here are some tips that may help you stave off the greatest excesses of the seasons.

Scott Jurek offers four tips for healthy eating.

  • Start with baby steps. Put one less sugar in your coffee; have oatmeal one day for breakfast.
  • Embrace variety by adding two new foods to your diet each week. This is also how you introduce a baby to new foods, so all you mamas out there, you’ve got a 2 for 1 here!
  • Eat food in its natural state: instead of using Cream of Mushroom soup, make a white sauce with butter, milk, and flour; instead of microwaving a portion of cheesy broccoli, steam fresh broccoli and dip in olive oil.
  • Don’t stress over slipups: Sometimes fast food is a necessary evil. Perfection is the enemy of healthy eating because it leads to the idea that once you’ve screwed up, you should give up. Never give up!

Dr. Oz suggests that appreciating nature’s sugars will keep you from craving sugary snacks like cookies and brownies and Peeps. Retrain your taste buds by reaching for a natural treat, like dried or fresh fruit before you grab the fudge. Come December there will be great citrus fruit, including clementines!

Martha Payne is a 9 year old blogger whose honest accounts of her school lunches brought about healthy changes in her school system. She suggests starting with what you need to be healthy, then adding in the rest. So start with your rainbow vegetables, then allow yourself the empty carbs and tasty fat. Throw some frozen veggies into your scrambled eggs for breakfast, or eat raw veggies instead of chips at lunch, for example.

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