Physical Advice: Look Good in Photos

Physical Advice: Look Good in Photos

Ruven Afanador suggests that to look good in photos, you pretend you’re looking in your makeup mirror.

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mean like this photo, however. He’s talking more about posing: studying yourself in the mirror to find your best looks, and then consciously recreating them during the photo moment.

Recently Allison Tate’s essay “The Mom Stays in the Picture” hit a nerve with a lot of mothers. Moms often avoid the front of the camera at all costs. We haven’t had time to fix our hair, or we haven’t lost our baby weight, or that double chin is just too much for us to see. My excuse is that if I’m talking while being photographed, my mouth makes the most horrible shapes. But Tate’s essay challenges mothers to allow themselves to be the subject of the camera, to be in photos that their children can treasure. And in that light, this advice, which may seem shallow at first glance, is pretty profound.

So, spend some time in front of your makeup mirror. Look at your favorite photos of yourself and analyze what you like about them. Is your smile best with or without teeth? Should you wear makeup or not? What body parts make you smile? Find your best pose and use it!

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