Physical Advice

Physical Advice

 Dog in the Night

Sue Servatius offers the following: “Remember that power tools are very unforgiving.” This brings to mind the image of a person with a nail through his hand, or someone cutting through a water pipe inadvertently. I am fortunate in that none of these disasters has occurred to me.

However, I am also the kind of person who prefers to use a regular hammer or screwdriver instead of a nail gun or drill. Power saws make me extremely nervous for my fingers. (You may recall from my earlier entry that I’m none too good at keeping my fingertips). Still, even using manual tools can result in unforgiving mistakes.

So what to do when your home repair has turned into home demo? Forgive yourself and move on! There are lots of imperfections in the work I’ve done to my house, but no one notices except me and my husband. So, measure twice, cut once, wear safety gear, and remember that you will always be your harshest critic.

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