Physical Boundaries

Physical Boundaries

Our physical boundaries have to do with our bodies, time, and money. Being responsible for our bodies includes our health, our diet, our level of physical activity, and our sexuality, to name a few. So what are some of my physical boundaries?

  • I eat a serving of fruit or vegetables daily
  • I schedule at least one workout per week
  • I never schedule anything without checking my calendar
  • I daily do at least one thing that is purely pleasurable to take care of my soul

This is an area where priorities are a huge tool. Priorities determine how we allocate our time, and if you find that you don’t have time for a priority, that’s a red flag that you need to set boundaries or re-prioritize. For example, my schedule is very full. So I prioritize eating dinner as a family over housecleaning – as long as the house is hygienic there’s no need to dust or wash windows or mop floors, in my priority system. And I prioritize creating writing over exercise, because writing is part of my life calling, while being able to swim laps is just a bonus.


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