Picking up Hobbies

Picking up Hobbies

Special Offer!massage-hands-on-back

I’m thrilled to announce a special offering from InSpire Coaching and Unwind Body and Mind. We are offering a combination massage meditation session to bring you unqualified relaxation. You receive a full 60 minute massage from licensed massage therapist Sonja Galan, combined with a 30 minute coaching and guided meditation session with me. Call Sonja Galan (919-410-6441) today to book at the crazy low rate of $78. This price is only valid through September 30th.

And speaking of massage and meditation: I’m back on the topic of self-care, because it is so vitally important for us and it is so often neglected. Your action item for today (after you’ve booked your massage) is to think about hobbies you used to enjoy. And once you’ve identified those hobbies, find a way to reconnect with them. Did you used to draw all the time? Then go buy some markers and paper and draw, even if the results are awful. Were you addicted to comic books? There’s no shame in going back to the comic book store, or maybe checking out some graphic novels from the library.

I’m posting most of my content via video this week, so check it out here!

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