Pinterest is an online bulletin board system. People use it in all kinds of ways. I use it as a way to create vision boards. The traditional method of cutting and pasting images onto a board has never really suited me, although I love the idea. And so I use Pinterest to create my own vision boards.

If you have a Pinterest account, what do you use it for? If not, do you keep images somewhere else? I’d love to hear about how you keep ideas for the future!

2 Replies to “Pinterest”

  1. My goodness! Pinterest is useful for so many things, but I it can be addicting. I decided that image after image of Benedict Cumberbatch (oh, be still my heart!) in my feed wasn’t good for me. Instead I’ll have to drool over cupcake recipes.

    1. Yes, Pinterest can be a time waster! I found that I was spending all my time browsing Pinterest rather than browsing the internet for unique images. Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t my cup of tea, but I am a little addicted to the “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling pics!

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