Prayer Partner

Prayer Partner

How can you find accountability within your spirituality? Many of us view faith as something deeply personal and private. The idea of allowing people into our inner sanctum of beliefs and questions can be very threatening. However, virtually every faith emphasizes the importance of community.

At my church, Evergreen Community Church, we have three layers of community that we encourage people to participate in. The first layer is the most superficial: Saturday night worship. This is your typical church experience. The second layer is called a Journey Group, and it’s like a Bible study or Sunday school experience. People pray for each other and share about their lives. The most intimate group is called a covenant group: a group of 3 or 4 people who meet regularly to pray for one another and share their deep struggles. I belong to a covenant group as well as a journey group, and they are a great help to me. They remind me of who I want to be, encourage me when I fail, and hold me accountable to the goals I set. In fact, I published my first book at the suggestion of one of my journey group members!

There is another layer of community possible, which may be more accessible to those who are not involved in a church or other faith organization. That is a prayer partner. Choose one person who will pray with you once or twice a week. Your partnership should be confidential. This can be a great way to bring some consistency into your faith.

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