Priorities, Resolutions, and What Really Matters

We’re five months through 2017, how are your New Year’s Resolutions doing?

Have you even thought about them in the last couple of months? Maybe you have. Maybe you are booking through those resolutions, kicking butt and taking names. If so, fantastic! But maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve forgotten about them, except as a way to beat yourself up for failing at ___ again.

In April, I posted a series of blogs about facing reality. What’s the reality of your calendar? What’s the reality of your finances? When we stop and look at our calendar and our money, we see clearly what our priorities are. And if those priorities don’t align with the resolutions you made, either at New Year’s or at any other time, guess what? Your resolutions will fail.

Let me put it a more positive way: when you align your resolutions with your priorities, you will succeed.

That’s because your priorities are the big items in your container, as seen in the video above. The container is your life.

Now maybe you are frustrated, because you think your priorities and your resolutions ARE aligned. And maybe they are. But there’s another step towards success: putting your priorities first. The video shows that when you don’t put your priorities in the container first, you can’t fit them all in.

This is where the hard work comes in, and by the way, this is an area where I can help you. You probably know what your big priorities are. And you probably know what you need to do to be successful in those areas. Yet you aren’t reaching the success you want and don’t know why.

In order to put the first things first, we have to be specific and concrete.

It’s not enough to say that I value family life. I need to be specific about what that means. I value sharing meals and vacations with my immediate family. Therefore I spend time every weekend meal planning, make time for dinner together 5 nights a week, and save money for vacations. But I don’t spend time cleaning the house beyond the bare minimum, I don’t make my family attend a lot of events outside the home, and I don’t over schedule my daughter’s activities.

The mistake I see women make over and over is a lack of specificity.

We say we value family time, but we don’t define what that means. We say we want a career that gives us work life balance, but we don’t know how many work hours a week would be appropriate to give us that balance. We say we want a happy marriage, but we don’t clarify what we personally want from our spouse. Instead, we fall into what society says those things should be. And so we don’t set working hours for our business and end up trying to work while playing with our kids. We don’t tell our spouse what we want, and instead get frustrated because s/he forgot a random holiday. We feel guilty because other families do XYZ and we only do LMN.

This is why vision boards work, and this is why people talk constantly about the Law of Attraction. It’s not some magical spell that gives you what you want. It’s the act of being SPECIFIC. The images that go on a Vision Board are concrete. The statements we make using the Law of Attraction are successful when we are specific.

It’s not easy to get specific with our goals, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the work.

Schedule a Breath of Fresh Air with me today and we’ll get specific with your priorities and values!