Protect Your Priorities

Once you’ve identified your priorities, protect them! If you find that you need to make changes to live according to your priorities, then be vigilant. There will be resistance. People will push back. Life will not work out for you immediately. You may have to make sacrifices. At first, giving up TV news in favor of a long evening walk may not be pleasant. You’ll have to give up on short term thinking.

IMG_1736Don’t be too hard on yourself either: if you slip up into a “guilty pleasure” that’s fine. Living by priorities is good and healthy, but sometimes a vegetable smoothie must bow out in favor of the chocolate milkshake. No, the area where you need to be firm is with others. Much of this will go to setting boundaries. The good news is that once you’ve identified your priorities, you’ll be passionate about them. Saying no to the TBS Big Bang Theory marathon will be easy when you remember that your priority is quality time with your husband. If you find that you aren’t passionate about your priorities, rethink them. Priorities awake our passions, our ideals, and our true selves. This is why they are priorities, and why they are unique from person to person. Good luck!