Ready for a quick getaway?

At InSpire Coaching, I understand that sometimes what you really need is a little escape from life. I schedule 2 – 4 personal retreats annually: time for me to rest, read, connect with God, and remember who I am, who I love, and where my boundaries need to be.

A retreat is as much for them as for you!

We are told that taking care of ourselves is selfish, and we are tricked into believing that our households can’t function without us. But that usually isn’t the case. The truth is that we just don’t give ourselves permission to make the necessary arrangements to be gone.

I get it: I was a breastfeeding on demand mom when my therapist suggested I take a weekend away. At first I balked. But then I thought it through and made the arrangements. I knew my daughter would drink formula from a bottle, I invited my mother in law to come for the weekend to help my husband, and I took a breast pump and cooler to the retreat center with me. And that weekend was the turning point in my recovery from post partum depression. My husband and daughter benefited hugely from my time away; almost as much as I did.

There’s always an option for you!

I generally host 2 – 3 InSpire Coaching retreats each year. To get the latest information check out my Retreat page!

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