I talk a lot about self-care on this blog and in my work. As part of my own self-care, I see a therapist once a month. In my most recent session, as I was describing my 2014 program, she asked me the pointed question: “Are you doing this for yourself as well?”

And I had to admit, I wasn’t. Oh sure, I’m doing the necessities: eating well, taking my medication, using my light box, eating healthy food. I even went to see my doctor before my head cold turned into a full blown asthma disaster. However, I have slipped into the bad habit of allowing my 2 1/2 year old to control my morning routine. I wake up when I feel like it, or when she calls for me. Then I rush to get all my morning rituals done before she requires my attention. Showers are always in question, throwing on clothes is no longer fun, prayers are rushed. And I had the epiphany that I need to take back my mornings. I’m going to begin setting an alarm for 7:00 am every day. That way I’ll get plenty of time to say prayers, use my lightbox, even take a leisurely shower or enjoy a cup of tea. Another resolution: to commit to 6:00 am hot yoga.

I know, many of you are shaking your heads right now, wondering how hot yoga at SIX AM is self-care? Well, first of all, I love hot yoga. It is soothing, relaxing, strengthening, and makes me feel fantastic. Second, sure, hot yoga classes are offered at different times. But I thought through my priorities and realized that 6:00 am is the best time for me. I work when I have my babysitter, and I don’t want to use that time for working out. Late afternoon classes interfere with preparing dinner for my family. And evening classes take time away from my family quality time. So 6:00 am became the best option.

And, as I always encourage my clients to do, I practice a gentle discipline with myself. If my alarm goes off and my body doesn’t want to get up, I don’t. Sometimes I need that sleep!

How will you take care of yourself this week?

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