We all know who suffers from the most neglect in our homes: US. Whether you are a mom, a wife, or a single woman, you probably neglect yourself first. I’m not going to talk about why this happens, or bemoan the society that raised us. I’m just going to ask one question:

If you don’t take care of yourself, then how can you possibly take care of others?

oxygen-mask1Oh, we do it all the time. But we all know what happens: we end up frazzled, desperate for a vacation, a drink, a nap, or just five minutes of alone time. We shout at our loved ones and cry over nothing, and then shoot the look of DEATH to any male who theorizes about our menstrual status. The commitment ward at the mental hospital begins to look attractive. The migraine sufferer who is laying on a sofa at all sorts of outdoor events looks like the luckiest woman alive.

So figure out what you need the most: prayer, time alone, books, luxurious baths, regular exercise? Then get it. Take it. Put on your oxygen mask!

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